2013 VW Amarok Competition

Bell-Booth is proud to announce and congratulate the winners of the Queen of Calves VW Amarok competition, Evan & Maxine Chisnall of Ashburton.

With the support of ATS Ashburton staff (Nicky Hogg, Jono Pavey & Rowan Craw), Donna Pfefferle (NZ Sales Manager) & Glenn France (Product Specialist, Canterbury) presented the keys to the stunning new Volkswagen ‘Queen of Calves’ Amarok High-line, to Evan & Maxine.

The Chisnall's have raised all their dairy replacements on the Queen of Calves programme for seven years and have not only reaped the benefits of more milk production but now are the proud owners of a new vehicle.

A huge thank you for taking part in our competition, we appreciate your support and confidence.




Dairy farmers get good news

from new research

A New Zealand product that causes dairy calves to grow faster and bigger, and produce more milk in their first lactation, will soon be showcased in the world-renowned US Journal of Dairy Science.

The prestigious journal will publish a Massey University research paper that focuses on the physical growth increases enjoyed by dairy calves that are fed the Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme, a system developed by Palmerston North-based Bell-Booth Limited. It also examines the milk production gains these animals exhibit as heifers entering the milking herd. 

Its findings have been peer-reviewed by international experts in calf nutrition, a pre-requisite for publication in the Journal.

The Massey research found the Queen of Calves programme increased daily growth rates in calves by 10 percent, reduced time to weaning by 8 days and produced significantly bigger calves at 12 weeks of age.

Calves reared on it converted their feed more efficiently. They required 9 percent less whole milk to reach the target weight and required 16 percent less pellet feed.

As heifers, they produced an additional 28 kilograms, or 12 percent, of milk solids in their first lactation (when correcting for fat and protein).

At current payout rates this equates to an additional $170 of revenue per animal.

The decision by the US Journal of Dairy Science to publish this research is the ultimate confirmation that the Queen of Calves nutrition programme does enable farmers to significantly increase milk production, says Stephen Bell-Booth.

“It’s scientifically proven by the top dairy research publication in the world.

“This will send a strong message to vets who will appreciate the science behind the process, and to farm consultants looking to maximise the on-farm production and profitability of their clients.”

The Massey research was led by Dr Jean Margerison, who presented her initial findings to the American Dairy Science Association in 2011.

The Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme contains prebiotics, probiotics, selected carbohydrates and amino acids. It is made from marine and land plant extracts and enhances both the nutritional value and physical nature of milk.

As well as providing additional nutrition it increases the energy conversion of the milk diet itself, reduces the risk of fat deposition, and promotes calf growth during the critical milk feeding phase of replacement calf rearing.

For more information on how the Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme produces bigger calves, better cows and more milk, email us here at to receive a copy of the 2013 brochure or click below to read the brochure online.