The Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme is designed and manufactured by Bell-Booth Limited, the company that brings you the Holm and Laue Automated Calf Rearing System and Dosatron.

Bell-Booth Limited is owned and operated by the Bell-Booth family with Stephen Bell-Booth as CEO. Our Head Office and manufacturing plants are located in Palmerston North in the Manawatu region of New Zealand, our sales office is in Hamilton.

Bell-Booth's principal business activities include calf nutrition, automated calf feeding, water-medicated solutions and inline dispensers for the dairy industry and environmental protection products.



stephenHello, I’m Stephen Bell-Booth, CEO, Bell-Booth Limited. Our Company manufactures X-Factor and Queen of Calves. These products form part of a system we refer to as ‘The Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme’.

Everything you need to know about our programme can be found in the following pages. We welcome your enquiry and feedback and wish you well with your calf rearing endeavours.

Stephen Bell-Booth