Mixing and feeding options

Mixing with a Rearing To Go system

Mixing with an ABBBA



For 1-140 calves: Mixing time: 12 seconds

The Holm & Laue Automated Calf Rearing system mixes and feeds the correct volume of Queen of Calves every time with no manual intervention. Just empty the powder in the hopper every day or so and the Holm & Laue unit does the rest.
MANUAL MIXING:  Electric drill & stirrer attachment

For 1-20 calves: Takes 1 day.

Drill attachment, buckets. Mix and leave to hydrate overnight. If you have forgotten to mix the day before, the minimum hydration requirement is 30 minutes.
abba ABBBA
SEMI-AUTOMATED MIXING: Rearing to go system

Suitable for making premix for 20-300 calves: Takes 20 minutes

Single phase 0.4kW electric pump constructed in stainless steel and glass reinforced thermoplastic, with recessed vortex impeller.

With the Rearing to Go system, the submersible pump enables a premix to be made for 300 calves in 20 minutes. The only operator intervention required is to saturate the powder for about 20 seconds. Power & water requirement: single phase power and a source of water at the site. A discharge outlet is connected to the system enabling emptying of the premix into a calfateria when ready.


or 300+ calves: Super Bowl. Mixing time: 15 minutes

Single phase 1.5kW electric pump, bracket & motor constructed in cast iron. Enables a premix for 700 calves in 15 minutes.

No need for saturation or hydration as the Super Bowl’s strong circulatory flow manages both procedures. Single phase power, water and a vat are required.

Just empty the contents into the super-bowl hopper and within 15 minutes you’ll have a perfect premix for 700 calves.

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