Up and Away

Transitional probiotic supplement for calves from 8-14 weeks

Up & Away is a dry feed designed to be introduced to the calf diet from 8 weeks of age.

Up&Away contains crushed, granulated ascophyllum nodosum sea plant, infused with apple cider, and probiotic. It is designed to be offered to the calf as a dry feed, sprinkled over roughage or calf pellets at 5-10% of the total ration.

Seaweed has been used as a feed for livestock for centuries. It contains an array of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and sugars as well as protein and fibre.

Nowhere else in nature is there such a rich concentration of vitamins and minerals from one plant source. Seaweeds and the phytochemicals they contain, are known to improve thyroid activity which in turn impacts metabolic rate and drive to appetite. Research by Professor Allen and others (J. Anim. Sci 2011. 79: E21-23 Allen, Pond, Saker et al) shows dairy cattle fed fescue supplemented with pure ascophyllum nodosum as contained in Up&Away, had elevated vitamin E and copper levels and consequently were more vigorous and healthy in times of stressed grazing.