Science Overview

Bell-Booth is fortunate enough to have two of New Zealand’s top agricultural institutes providing us with industry knowledge and research expertise – Massey University and AgResearch.

Our partnership with Massey University began in 2003 when the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Nigel Long invited us to work alongside his team of professionals to test the observations users of the Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme had noticed. The first studies began in 2006.

7 years of independent research has confirmed what we have always known about Queen of Calves – that calves offered milk with QoC have higher growth rates, greater body stature and wean significantly sooner.

  • Studies performed at Massey University found that addition of Queen of Calves to the daily milk ration of calves resulted in :
  1. 10 - 17% higher daily live weight gains
  2. Earlier weaning, by up to 8 days
  3. Less feed requirements
  4. Most significantly in terms of bottom line to the farmer, the science also demonstrates that QOC raised heifers and 3 year olds produce substantially more milk solids.
  • The research also demonstrates that the rumen in QOC-fed calves are more developed making better use of the calves’ initial digestive capability. This gave the first indication as to how QoC was producing the increased growth rates.
  • Studies at Massey University have also shown that QoC allows the growing calf to extract more energy in the hindgut from the milk it consumes. Combine this finding with the rumen development observation, and this points to a dual mode of action – something we refer to as “both motors running”.

The experts say that the first 12 weeks for a dairy calf are critical – get it wrong and the animals will never realise their full potential.  The Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme gives your calves the best possible start, and the science shows this. Your animals will grow and develop quicker as calves and produce more milk as heifers.

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Dr Jean Margerison interviewed by the Country Channel in 2009